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crook leisure

Crook Community Leisure
Football Pitch 2018

Crook Community Leisure was registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee with Charitable status. Company registration number 8658805 and the Charity Registration number being 1156748.

Crook Community Leisure are a Charity and are providing excellent gym facilities for the area, we are continuing to strive to improve all the facilities and equipment available. Thank you to our members and users.

The outdoor facilities need to be improved. Work has started on improvements to the football pitch and this will continue throughout the year. Specialist advice has been received and will be acted upon. Additional equipment is required to ensure the maintenance work is undertaken on a regular basis. Weeding of the track will also be undertaken.

All of this costs money, Durham County Council no longer undertakes any maintenance of the site, as they no longer own the site. Crook Community Leisure, as a Charity, owns most of the freehold of the site and the surrounding area. Crook Community Leisure are actively working with other organisations to promote activities for the harder to reach members of the community. We have walking groups, a couch to 5K group, a running group, get on your bike groups, “friends together”, working with members of the community with disabilities as well as establishing links with the local GP surgery.

As a Charity any income generated after paying staff wages, and running costs is ploughed back into improving the facilities available. No Trustees receive any payments at all. With your support we will continue to move forward

Thank you