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On Tuesday 11th August, Industry professionals from the North East and Yorkshire combined forces to stage an event like no other. A full festival stage with a light show and large video screens, joined fairground rides, a Marquee and catering vans. The stage was occupied with backline, instruments, mics and a drum kit all ready for the bands to rock Peases Fest as it should have last year.

This year however, by intention, there were to be no bands, no crowd and ultimately no festival and if the event industry receive no additional help from the government, this may well be the future of all events nationwide. 22 Event Professionals donated their time and services free of charge to stage this poignant event in order to highlight their desperation for the future of the industry they love.

At CCL, we were only too pleased to offer our facility in support of this fantastic cause. We urge you to watch, like and share this short video in the hope we can play a part in securing the future of this absolutely essential Industry.